Welcome to eFiling

What Is eFiling?

eFiling permits consumers, utilities and attorneys to file certain documents electronically with the Commission without filing paper copies, serve documents electronically on other parties if they agree to such service, and to receive electronic service of documents from the Commission. The eFiling process is intended to permit individuals to initiate formal proceedings with the Commission by the filing of a Qualified Document.

NOTE: Assessment Reports may NOT be e-filed. To file your assessment report electronically, please visit the Assessments Revenue Reporting Portal.

How can I get an eFiling account?

In order to electronically file documents with the Commission, you will first need to create an eFiling user account. If you have not yet created an eFiling user account, you can create an individual account or a corporate account at any time.

When registering to use eFiling, eFilers will be asked to provide information, including their name, the party they represent, their address and their email address if they agree to receive service of documents electronically.

For an explanation of how to create an eFiling account and how to electronically file documents, please review the Quick eFiling User Guide. You can view the eFiling User Guide by clicking on the Technical Assistance link.

What are the eFiling Regulations?

eFiling regulations are available through The Pennsylvania Bulletin.

Can I still file a paper document?

If you do not wish to file electronically, you should file a paper document with the Secretary of the Commission at 400 North Street, Harrisburg PA 17120. Filing of paper documents should follow the Commissions formal rules at 52 Pa. Code Section 1.1 et seq.

How can I file an Informal Complaint?

If you do not wish to initiate a formal Commission proceeding (one that involves formal Commission hearings and/or processes), you may wish to contact the Commission's Bureau of Consumer Services at 1-800-692-7380 to file an informal complaint by telephone or electronically.

Is there a Waiver for Utilities?

The PUC has prepared an Electronic Service of Formal Complaints Secretarial Letter and Waiver regarding Electronic Service of Formal Complaints. By completing the waiver form contained in the Secretarial Letter, utilities may (1) waive the requirement for the Commission to serve formal complaints by certified mail and (2) agree to accept electronic service (eService) of all formal complaints served upon them.

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